Cahit Ece
  Cahit Ece  

I was born in Kurdistan in the city Wan, an area where cultures such as the Kurdish, the Armenian, and the Azerbaijani meet.

I was 10 years old he decided to follow in his parents' footsteps and began to play the duduk and the kaval.

In 1996 I was accepted as student in the Music Conservatory in Istanbul. During this time I worked with a number of famous musicians and the musical work was concentrated on Anatolia and Balkan. My musical horizon was broadened and covered a specter from Balkan to Asia.

I have released two CD's so far: Berya in 2002 Feryad in 2009 Furthermore, Cahit can be heard in a number of other CD's- my musical passion has made me sought-after in other genres and I continue the proud duduk and kaval tradition in the finest manner.

At the moment I am teaching in Denmark at the World Music School (WMC) belonging to Ã…rhus Musikskole.

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